By Cougan Collins


The backslider’s calendar is a result of the many excuses some members give for not attending the worship services of the church. Our Lord had to deal with folks who gave Him some lame excuses as well (Matthew 8:18-22; Luke 9:57-62; Luke 14:15-20). Sad to say, people haven’t changed too much since then.


January — I hereby resolve to start attending worship regularly. Gotta get over the holidays first though.

February — Weather is terrible. I’ll start when it gets a bit warmer. My blood is too thin this time of year.

March — Lots of sickness just now. Got to stay in and keep away from those “bugs.”

April — Big crowds — Easter. They won’t miss me.

MayI’ve been holed up all winter, and now that the weather is getting better, it’s time for us to have reunions.

JuneI’ll wait until the baby is older. How on earth do some folks take their babies out when they are just a few weeks old and never miss a service!

July — Boy! The heat is terrific! That air conditioning in the church building gives me a chill. Anyway, we’ve got the cabin and the boat for Sundays.

August — Preacher is on vacation. He’ll never know that I’ve missed. I never like those guest preachers anyway. When the preacher gets back …..

September — School has started. Vacation threw me behind in my work. Got to make one last visit to relatives before the snow flies.

October — Leaves are beautiful this time of year. I can worship God outdoors anyway. Kids will be cooped up all winter.

NovemberGetting colder. Can’t stand the warm church building with so many people. I’ll start back after Thanksgiving.

December — Christmas! I don’t have time for church now. Roads are dangerous. Anyway, next month is January, and I’ll resolve to start back with the New Year.


Friends, if we have any excuses, let’s dispose of them, and do what the Lord said do regarding faithful attendance with the saints (Hebrews 10:23-26; Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 16:1-2; cf. Acts 2:42-47). We invite you to worship and study with us to learn more about first century Christianity –


Adapted from Mike Riley